Enabaling BASH shell on Windows 10 Anniversary Update


Windows 10 Anniversary Update is already out and millions of PCs getting updated. Whole load of cool features were added on this update. For me the star features is the BASH shell for Windows 10. By default it doesn’t get enabled. I assume you already have this great update. If yes, lets go through the steps to enable this great feature.

First things first, you need to enable the developer mode of Windows 10 to enable this feature. Simply open the Settings window (or tell Cortana to open it for you). In the Settings window click on the Update and Security button.

Settings Wiindow

In the Update and Security window, select For Developers in the left side pane and click on the Developer option in the right side pane (You might have to restart the PC after this change). This change will enable you few things on your Windows 10 PC. For the moment I just focus on one feature that enables you the Ubuntu BASH Shell.

Now open Control Panel (or let Cortana do the dirty work for you) > Programs > Programs and Features.

Now click Turn Windows Features on or off and scroll down the dialog box. Select Windows Subsystem for Linux (beta) and click OK. This will install what you need and will require to restart your PC. You are ready to rock after this step.

Few more things to do before we get started. Lets open a command window. Type bash and press . Now type “y” to continue. Wait for few minutes till Windows Store installs Linux Subsystem.

Installing BASH

After a successful installation, give a username and password to continue.

User names and Passwords

Now you are good to go. Lets try out some BASH commands in ubuntu, like to check what is the version of ubuntu. Type

Here is the output. We have Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS

Ubuntu Release

Its real Ubuntu Guys… I just did a apt-get update and look at the results.


Have a nice day. !!! 🙂